Barrie residents: How’s your driving?

There are many kinds of drivers out there: those with an immaculate driving record, those that have a few slip ups over the years and those involved in regular traffic violation mishaps.

No matter which category you fall into, every time you get into your vehicle there is always the potential for things to go wrong.  Cars are weapons when mishandled.

Once you have a conviction on your record – beyond the knowledge that you have committed an offence – you can feel the pain again when your insurance premiums go up to reflect your convictions. Even minor traffic violations can have a lasting effect on your record, especially when they add up.  It could mean spending more money on your auto insurance but could also get you excluded from a loved one’s policy or finding out that the insurance company you have been dealing with does not want to renew your policy.

The bottom line is that whether your driving convictions are minor, serious or criminal, from an insurance perspective that makes you a risky driver.

We all make mistakes and unfortunately when behind the wheel of a car, those mistakes can cause injuries and cost lives. It is every driver’s responsibility to be aware of the law and behave accordingly.  As with many things, a bit of mindfulness and consideration of others goes a long way to making the roads safer for everyone.

On the plus side: if your driving record is clear, you could qualify for an endorsement on your insurance to protect your record in the case of your first infraction.  It is definitely worth a quick call to your broker as they will be able to put you in the know.

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