Is your business adequately protected?

A fairly recent top Ontario court decision involving a garage and teenage car thieves should act as a warning to all business owners, particularly those in the care and possession of motor vehicles. We all know vehicles are dangerous weapons when mishandled.

The garage was found partially liable for an accident and resultant injuries caused by and to those teens. Why were they found liable? Simply because there was evidence presented in court that they left keys in the vehicle: an obvious risk that could have been mitigated with the due diligence of securing the car and the keys by locking them up properly.

Business owners have an obligation to know the risks associated with the work they do; knowledge, of course, is power. Only then can they approach those risks with open eyes and a willingness to do what’s right. Such effort can make all the difference when it comes down to whether or not you can avoid costly mistakes which can hurt you financially and damage your business’ reputation.

Being proactive to prevent losses is in your business’ best interest. Discuss the matter of liability with your insurance broker today and protect yourself from potential difficulties your business faces in today’s increasingly complex world.

Just as a home security system will help you get a break on your home insurance and protect your interests, taking security measures for your business can bring you peace of mind and possibly save you a great deal of money.

Taking the right security and precautionary measures can leave you with a clear conscience in the face of difficult circumstances.

Insurance brokers at DG Bevan recommend the following:
– Demonstrate a duty of care by identifying all possible risks and taking steps to minimize them. Not sure where to start? Do some research. Ask around.
– Get to know those in your neighbourhood, those with both commercial and residential interests. Friendly relationships with neighbours can promote collective efficacy and provide a safer environment for all.
– Find out about your liability insurance options: give us a call to talk about the #CoverageAsUniqueAsYou we have to offer at 1-800-667-9810.

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