Could your repair garage or body shop withstand total shut down?

No one wants to think about worst case scenarios.  But it is in your best interest to do so as a business owner to protect your body shop or repair garage.  Our experience tells us that when a major claim happens – the easiest example being a fire – at a business up to 80% […]

Is your home insurance protecting you from water damage?

Flooding has been all over the news lately; warnings of water damage abound on tv, radio and our social media news feeds. The Toronto Islands are under threat from the rising level of water in Lake Ontario and there was a concern recently that the Don Valley Parkway would have to be shut on a […]

Is your business adequately protected?

A fairly recent top Ontario court decision involving a garage and teenage car thieves should act as a warning to all business owners, particularly those in the care and possession of motor vehicles. We all know vehicles are dangerous weapons when mishandled. The garage was found partially liable for an accident and resultant injuries caused […]

Disclose your auto use for tailored coverage.

From commuting to chauffeuring family members around to picking up groceries to going on road trips, our personal autos get a great deal of road time.  As gas prices go up and budgets get tighter, more and more people are creating their own work with resources close at hand.  This often means driving others through ride […]

Spring Cleaning Is About More Than Just Heading To The Car Wash

It’s that time of year.  Heading out to have the car/cars washed and detailed will help you rid yourself of all that winter grit and salt. When it comes to spring cleaning we should be thinking about more than just the sanitation level of our cars, however.  There are a number of other things to consider […]

Barrie residents: How’s your driving?

There are many kinds of drivers out there: those with an immaculate driving record, those that have a few slip ups over the years and those involved in regular traffic violation mishaps. No matter which category you fall into, every time you get into your vehicle there is always the potential for things to go […]