Disclose your auto use for tailored coverage.

From commuting to chauffeuring family members around to picking up groceries to going on road trips, our personal autos get a great deal of road time.  As gas prices go up and budgets get tighter, more and more people are creating their own work with resources close at hand.  This often means driving others through ride sharing programs such as Uber or Lyft.  Plenty of ride share drivers are supplementing their regular income by driving in the evenings and on the weekends.  It has become a flexible way to work and earn.

All of that sounds great, right?  As with anything, reading the fine print is always a good idea.

Most people don’t realize that the way in which they use their vehicle can affect their auto insurance coverage and subsequent support from their insurance company when it comes to claims.  It is always best to have a conversation with your broker with any questions or concerns regarding auto use as it could save you the grief of a denied claim in the case of a loss.

As soon as your car is used for business or commercial purposes of any kind, including: transporting tools, driving others for compensation or running errands for your employer, your insurance risks change. Without disclosing auto use, with regard to ride sharing in particular, you could be held financially responsible should your passengers be injured in an accident, regardless of whether or not you are at fault.

Our expert brokers can help get you out on the road with coverage as unique as you and your specific circumstances.  Why not call us and talk to one of our expert brokers about your needs today?

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