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Privacy and Innovation in Insurance

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you they wish their insurance rates were lower. It was a popular topic during the provincial election earlier this year, with Ontarians being charged some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. As technology continues to...

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What Back-To-School Means For Drivers

September is here and that means kids are back in class. Over two million students commute every weekday in Ontario, whether their parents drop them off, they walk or bike, or take the bus. Now’s the time to refresh your memory on the rules of the road when it comes...

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What Ontario Roads Should Drivers Avoid?

We all know them. They are the roads we all try to avoid. Sometimes, the music is turned down and conversation stops so the driver can focus. Other times, we add 15 minutes or more to our commute time just because we know we have to take that one road. They’re bad...

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