Spring cleaning should be about more than just heading to the car wash.

It’s that time of year.  Heading out to have the car/cars washed and detailed will help you rid yourself of all that winter grit and salt.

When it comes to spring cleaning we should be thinking about more than just the sanitation level of our cars, however.  There are a number of other things to consider before the summer is upon us.  Though it may not feel like it yet, the warmest part of the year will be here before we know it.

Are you summer ready?  Why not get a few things in order…

  • Get your Motorcycle road ready with a visit to the mechanic.  Be sure your license is up to date too!
  • Get those winter tires off your vehicle, and store them in a clean, dark and dry environment.  Winter tires don’t handle as well as you might think in summer.
  • Get your seasonal or luxury cars out of the garage and onto the road.  A quick call to your broker can get your insurance coverage in order for the summer driving season.
  • Are your kids old enough to get their license?  Be sure to enroll them in a driver training course.
  • Get your boats out on the water.  Be sure to have your license up to date and all the safety equipment you need, including life jackets.
  • Is your trailer ready for the cottage and camping season? Cleaning and tidying is a great idea and checking the tires will be helpful ahead of any long drives you have planned.
  • Do the family bicycles need a tune up?  Bike shops are usually pretty good at giving them a once over after a long winter in storage.  Make sure you have your helmet!
  • Why not get an insurance check-up?  Call your broker and have a general chat about your insurance policy.  Be sure that the coverages you have account for the change in season.We advise that you have $ 2 000 000 in liability coverage on your vehicle but that is just one of a number of other additional endorsements you might want to fill in any gaps in coverage.  You may also qualify for additional discounts on your policy.

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