Professional Liability vrs Errors & Omissions Insurance?

by | Jun 1, 2016

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At Bevan, you’ll always have access to the high quality insurance you need in Ontario. As a business owner, you may need to turn to professional liability insurance, a higher level of liability coverage that protects those who operate in a professional manner, such as by providing consulting services, management, providing medical care, or similar high-level skills. You may also have heard about Errors and Omissions, another type of liability insurance, often called E&O insurance. Are they the same thing?

Errors and Omissions insurance and professional indemnity insurance are the same thing. It is always ideal for those who work in a professional field to have this type of coverage. If you provide a service to a customer or client and that service fails in some way, you could be held liable for the losses they’ve suffered. E&O insurance helps to protect your business from negligence claims like this. It can give you the financial protection you need even if you always do an exceptional level of work every time.

Whether called professional liability insurance or E&O insurance, Ontario professionals need ample liability protection today. Accountants, designers, brokers, doctors, architects, and others who provide opinions and skill-based services can find the protection they need from Bevan.

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