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E-business and the internet allow companies to operate in ways that were unthinkable 10 years ago. Unfortunately with the increased ability comes increased risk. Let us protect your business from Cyber Liability.

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As a business owner or operator you are always searching for new technologies to advance your operations. With the rapid advancement of software and e-business in the past decade many companies and even industries have been transformed. The majority of businesses today have an online presence that is sophisticated and is a completely new and different way of client interaction compared to the past.

With this progression has come an increasing amount of confidential data stored on our computers and servers – banking information, credit and debit card information, confidential financial documents, and client’s personal details such as address and birth dates. This data paired with new government regulation relating to privacy has created a new exposure for companies.

A cyber data attack can happen very quickly:

  • a laptop is stolen
  • there’s a breach in a server
  • a virus is attached to an email
  • … and many other ways
The impact on your business can be immense including revenue loss, legal fees, business disruption, and customer and / or employee notifications to name a few. The trend in cyber breaches is increasing and it is predicted that the frequency, sophistication and amount of loss will continue to increase in the coming years. Major breaches on household known companies attract main stream media attention. Although these are the examples highlighted in the media, this type of risk is not limited to major international firms. The highest percentages of victims are small to mid size companies.

Cyber Liability exposures are not properly addressed in standard Property / Liability policies and it is becoming the norm to be excluded altogether. In order to properly protect your business, our representatives will meet with you and discuss your company’s operations and exposures. We can then prepare a policy that is unique to your needs and will fill the gap in exposure to properly protect your business.
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Let our team of cyber liability insurance brokers protect your business! Buying cyber liability insurance is much more than buying a piece of paper. It is buying the trust and expertise of your insurance broker that in the event of a terrible situation your business is protected. We have prided ourselves since 1978 in educating our clients on insurance and their business – how to remove the risk from their operations. We understand your industry and your exposures.


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