Keeping Waste Management Workers Safe

by | Nov 5, 2018

Keeping Your Waste Management Employees Safe

Employees are the backbone of any business. They are the people who keep your operations running and are often a valuable resource in improving business efficiencies, and therefore can save you costs. In fact, satisfied employees ultimately help a business save money. In the fields of waste management, waste disposal, and waste haulers, a crucial part of ensuring worker satisfaction is by keeping your employees safe. In particular, there are three key areas all waste management employers need to carefully consider in order to keep their employees safe.

Undergo regular training

From the use of cranes and other lifting devices, material handling practices, operations of mobile material handling equipment or other vehicles, exposure to harmful materials, equipment maintenance, and the work environment, there are a lot of dangers to be constantly aware of in the waste management business. And worker injury rates arising from recycling and waste management are on the rise. This is why it is more important than ever to provide workers with consistent, in-dept safety training, even after their initial start dates.

In fact, employers with more than five workers are required to prepare and review an annually written occupational health and safety policy. They also must establish effective health and safety programs to implement that policy. Ideally, employers will conduct health and safety training more than once per year in order to ensure their employees are kept up-to-date and refreshed on their health and safety guidelines.

Ensuring proper training is especially important as workplace inspection blitzes are paying particular attention to raising awareness of hazards in the workplace.

Create a safe environment

As with any business, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe environment. This includes providing the right equipment, materials, and protective devices, and ensuring they are well maintained. They are also responsible to ensure their employees follow the health and safety standards set for them. One of the most common ways of creating a safe environment is building maintenance. Floor cracks, improper storage methods, and improper cleaning can all lead to significant injuries or result in business losses.

In addition to this, it is also the responsibility of the employee to report unsafe working environments. Therefore, it is also critical for employers to create a working environment where staff feel comfortable reporting issues and concerns.

Ensure they’re covered

Even when we prepare and work to avoid them, accidents can and do happen. It is vital all employers have adequate waste management insurance or waste recycling insurance coverage. This includes carefully considering your Employers Liability coverage. This is the insurance that provides employers coverage for liability to employees that suffer from work-related injuries or diseases. With the high-risk environment of waste management, it may be a good idea for your business to increase coverage in this area to ensure you’re fully protected. The best resource for determining your Employers Liability needs is an insurance broker who specializes in Ontario’s waste management insurance. That way your business will be protected in the unfortunate case an accident does happen.

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