Affordable Way to Insure Ontario Vacation Cottage?

by | Jun 13, 2016

Vacation Home

Protecting your vacation home, cottage, or other lesser used property is a priority. Though many people believe it’s not necessary to have proper cottage insurance in place, it is actually quite critical. This is especially true if and when you do not spend a large amount of time there. There’s no one watching to ensure the water lines do not break and there’s a higher risk of theft. However, when you work with Bevan, we’ll help you to properly protect your home while also working to keep your costs down.

What type of insurance do you need? Seasonal dwelling insurance or vacation home insurance provides the same types of protection necessary for any type of real estate. When you invest in vacation home insurance, it should protect from two large risks. That includes property damage such as from fires, trees falling, storms, and theft. It also includes liability insurance which protects against claims made against you such as someone falling on your property.

When you work with our team for home insurance for your cottage in Ontario, you’ll get exceptional service. Our goal is to offer just the coverage you need to keep costs down while giving you access to the very best in service. Contact us for an affordable quote on cottage insurance.

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