How Builders Risk Insurance is different from Contractors Insurance?

by | May 15, 2016

Builders Risk Insurance

Investing in the right insurance policies during the building and development of your space is essential. At Bevan Insurance, we aim to provide you with customized insurance policies that meet your unique needs. One key area to consider is builders risk insurance. Although many confuse these policies, having a builder’s risk insurance policy is not the same as having contractor’s insurance. What’s the difference?

Builders risk solutions are ideal for construction projects. It ensures your materials, fixtures and equipment as well as anything else being used during the construction or renovation of a project. It’s a form of property insurance.

What about contractor’s all risk insurance? This policy is often in place alongside builder’s risk insurance and specifically for domestic construction projects. It provides damage to a property and third party for claims. If you need to bring in general contractors, plumbing, HVAC, framing, electrical, and forming teams, you need insurance to minimize against risks associated with these types of services.

Not sure which you need or how to get the most affordable plan? If you are in Ontario, turn to Bevan Insurance for builder’s risk insurance and contractor’s insurance. Our team is here to help you customize the right policies and plans.

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