How We’ve Helped One of Our Personal Home Customers

Custom Log House

A long standing commercial and personal lines client suffered a major fire loss at their home. The insured lives in rural Ontario in a beautiful personally built custom log home. As soon as we got the call of the fire one of our brokers was onsite documenting the damage and explaining to the insured exactly their coverage under the policy. Once the adjusters had the opportunity to inspect the fire and make their recommendations, the insurance company decided that a partial wall and roof will be replaced, leaving the remaining of the existing structure. The insured was very unhappy with this decision. The fire caused extensive smoke damage throughout and the water from the firefighting efforts caused significant damage to the wood and logs in the home. The claim occurred over the winter months resulting in repetitive freezing and thawing of the water in the logs, floors and walls. Since the insured built the house, he was very familiar with engineering involved and the potential downfall of not replacing the entire structure. After extensive meetings with the insured, management from our brokerage, and the insurance company we were able have the company agree to replace the entire home. The insured was very thankful for our efforts.