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Since the 90’s Richmond Hill has become one of the most populous areas in the York district of Ontario. With this has come a surging economy that has had huge growth in the business, finance, industry and healthcare sectors. Many hard working Canadians are now small business owners and we are all trying to balance everything that needs to be done.

At D.G Bevan we have local experienced insurance brokers that will help you have everything covered no matter the circumstance so that you can focus on your business and your personal life. Our multi-line packages for our commercial and personal insurance will give you peace of mind all for an affordable cost.

Richmond Hill Auto & Home Insurance
Insuring your personal possessions and special items like heirlooms or artwork, by using our Richmond Hill home insurance, and Richmond Hill auto insurance, which includes any recreational vehicles, is part of any good insurance portfolio. Our personal insurance brokers can help you choose the best insurance for your family’s needs. If you are new the area we also offer inclusive tenant insurance as well to help make your move to the community that much easier. 
Richmond Hill Business Insurance
Commercial and business insurance, is necessary to protect your Richmond Hill company’s physical and intangible assets. Your physical assets include your fleet of delivery vans, your inventory and/or the building where your business is located. Commercial insurance for your intangible assets includes liability insurance against possible losses related to someone being injured on your business property or by a product you sell or produce. Or, it might be loss related to someone being hurt at your trade show booth. Business and commercial insurance also protects your company should one of your partners die unexpectedly or from harm done to a client because of your actions or those of your employees.
Benefits of Working with a Richmond Hill Insurance Broker

We understand that dealing with insurance can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are just starting out with your business. That is why at D.G Bevan we offer local insurance brokers with 20 plus years of experience to help answer any questions or concerns that you might have. We offer customization of packages to make sure every aspect of your life if covered and tailored to your own specific needs. We want to create a relationship with you and your business or family so that no matter how freak the accident you know that we are on your side. 

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